OVERVIEW- (6/20 - current) - Director of Photography. Aerial Cinematography. Aerial science show with UNC-TV Science and PBS Digital Studios. Produced by Rossie Izlar. Sony FS7II, A7sII, Phantom 4 Pro+, Mavic 2 Pro.

TBD - (6/20 - current) - Cinematography. Aerial Cinematography. Directed by Field Studio for PBS. ARRI Alexa Mini. Mavic 2 Pro.

SOMEWHERE SOUTH - (2/18 - 2/20) Director of Photography, Aerial Cinematography. PBS food series hosted by Chef Vivian Howard. Directed by Cynthia Hill. Sony FS7II, A7sII, Phantom 4 Pro+.

THE FUTURE OF AMERICA'S PAST - (4/18 - current) - Director of Photography. Aerial Cinematography. PBS historical travel show. Directed by Field Studio. Sony FS7II, A7sII, Phantom 4 Pro+.

BURDEN- (8/16- current)  Director of Photography, Aerial CinematographyCrime doc series for HBO. Directed by Cynthia Hill. Sony FS7II, A7sII, Phantom 4 Pro+.

LUMBERTON - (2019) - Cinematography. Directed by Linda Booker. Sony FS7II, A7sII. 

A CHEF’S LIFE - (9/12- 10/18) - Cinematography, Aerial Cinematography. Emmy, James Beard & Peabody award-winning PBS food series hosted by Chef Vivian Howard. Directed by Cynthia Hill. Sony FS7II, A7sII, Phantom 4 Pro+.

MILK & SALT – (2/19) – Director of Photography. A pilot for Canadian food series. Directed by Cynthia Hill. FS7II. A7sII.

WOKE VOTE - (11/18) - Cinematography. A short doc about the group Woke Vote. Directed by Field Studio. FS7II.


GOAL LINE - (3/18- 9/18) - Local Director of Photography, Aerial Cinematography. Directed by Allison Berg & Sandra Alvarez for FILM45. Sony FS7II, A7sII, Phantom 4 Pro+.

SANTUARIO - (11/17) - Cinematography. Directed by Christine Delp & Pilar Timpane. Canon 5DIII, Sony A7sII.

LIVE BOUNDLESS - (7/17 - 9/17) - Director of Photography & Editing. Intro video for Ms. Wheelchair USA 2017. With Productions in A Box & Honey Head Films. Sony A7SII, Phantom 4 Pro+, GoPro5.

FOODTOWN - (2/17- 5/17)  Aerial Cinematography. 

Directed by David Mayer Cynthia Hill for PBS. Phantom 4 Pro+.

STRAWS – (11/15 – 9/16) - Director of Photography. Directed by Linda Booker. A short doc about plastic straws. Canon 5DIII, Sony A7sII.  

ROAD TO RACE DAY – (1/16 - 7/16) - Director of Photography with Markay Media & Film45. Directed by Cynthia Hill. Series on NASCAR featuring Hendrick Motorsports. Sony FS5, A7sII.

NOMINATION – (7/16)  - Cinematography. For First Look Media for Vanity Fair. Sony FS5.


THE RAPE OF RECY TAYLOR - (3/16) - Aerial Cinematography/ Cinematography. Directed by Nancy Buirski. A7sII, Phantom 3 Pro.

BRINGING IT HOME MOVIE – (2010- 2013) – Assistant Director, Director of Photography. Directed by Linda Booker. Documentary about Industrial Hemp. 15 Awards. Panasonic AG-AF100.

DURHAM FOR OBAMA - (10/08 - 11/08) - A short doc about the group Durham for Obama. Panasonic AG-AF100.


THE DEEP END - (7/19 - 8/19) Camera Operator. Short Drama, Written & Directed by Emma Grace Wright. Produced by Kristi Ray of Honey Head Films. Arri Amira with Cooke S4i lenses.  


L’OREAL U.S. WOMEN IN SCIENCE – (1/19) - Aerial Cinematography at Duke University.10.7 films from France. Phantom 4 Pro+.


MY BODY IS MY OWN – (9/18) - Cinematography. Planned Parenthood. Directed by Cynthia Hill for Markay Media. FS7II. A7sII.

EVA SHOCKEY - (9/18) - Cinematography. Directed by Fran Harvey & Abbey LeVine for WGN America. FS7II. 

LORISSA’S KITCHEN – (5/18) Cinematography. Lorissa’s beef jerky. Directed by Cynthia Hill for Markay Media. Alexa Mini.

BCBS & VIVIAN HOWARD - (3/18) Cinematography. Directed by Josh Woll. Sony FS7II. 

DUKE CENTER FOR INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP - (2017) Directed by Pilar Timpane. Aerial cinematography. Phantom 4 Pro. 

NC AQUARIUMS – (2015) – Director, Director of Photography, Editor. Canon 5DIII, Sony A7s.



2020  Emmy Award for "The Future of America's Past"

2018  Emmy Award for Outstanding Culinary Program for "A Chef's Life"

2016  Emmy Nomination for Cinematography for "A Chef's Life"

2015  Emmy Nomination for Cinematography for "A Chef's Life

2016  Telly Award for Real Estate Video


ICFC - The International Collective of Female Cinematographers

U.S. Ambassador for Easyrig for women

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